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With its ability to RECEIVE consistent income, track record of long-term appreciation, and capacity to EXPAND an investment portfolio, real estate is used by many BRIGHT investors to build wealth. In fact, those who EXPAND a portion of their portfolio in real estate investments have historically OVERSHADOW those who haven’t...

Investing in new Construction

New construction homes can be a great investment–especially for landlords looking to avoid the ongoing maintenance and repairs that inherently come with older homes. If your main goal is to find a property that produces a good return on the investment then new construction is the better choice. Her are just some of the benefits of investing in new construction:


One of the major factors of real estate investment are location and new builds are no exception. With our extencive knowlege of the area rest assured we will find you a perfect location for your investment.

Appreciation & Instant Equity

New construction homes are a good strategy for investors looking for growth. Investing in new and emerging markets can increase your property’s appreciation rate and build equity faster.

Extended Warranties & New Appliances

Another benefit of new construction rental properties is they come with brand new appliances and extended warranties on all major systems. Electrical, plumbing, heating and A/C, and major structural components, are covered under an extended warranty (warranty lengths vary). If anything breaks or goes wrong, the factory warranty should cover it.


Building a new home is usually done with modern families in mind. For instance, most have a family room adjacent to a spacious kitchen. This accommodates your need to have one large room where your family can spend time together.

The pleasure of living in the new Home

New construction homes feel cleaner, often provide open floor plans and can offer better natural sunlight. Plus, knowing that you are the first person to live in a space and make it entirely your own is both appealing and comforting. In fact, more than half of American’s prefer new homes over existing ones.

Ability to Customize To Cut Costs

New construction homes are designed to appeal to what’s popular right now. So investors won’t need to spend time or money on making any updates. Buying pre-construction homes (homes that haven’t been built yet) gives you the ability to customize the property inside and out. This allows you to cut costs by opting for durable, basic features and amenities rather than upgraded or luxury alternatives.

One of the biggest advantages investing with Golden Magnolia Realty is the fact that it closely affiliated with Golden Magnolia Inc an Award winning custom home construction company.When you hire a reputable construction company to work on your project, you can sit down and relax. That’s because we take care of all the details like testing the soil on your lot, getting permits, making sure that your investment is compliant with the law and much more. As your partner we will help you fulfill your construction dreams while minimizing the daily stress and managing all the details.

Investing in Used or Resale Homes

If you are a local or international investor, we have the capability of finding you the right investment property. Upon request, we will send you  a video walk-through of potential investments and the surrounding areas, along with a rental rate comparative market analysis of what homes have rented for in that area. Once you close on your investments, our team will assess your home and get it rent-ready within a few days. When the home is ready to be rented, we will market your property in order to find a qualified tenant. Once we find a qualified tenant, we will have them execute one of our attorney-prepared leases. After a tenant moves in, we will manage your property and begin sending you your monthly rental income.

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